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LARSEN magazine (2021)

"Quelque part entre Bright Eyes, Two Gallants et l'inégalable Elliott Smith, le chanteur du groupe Alaska Gold Rush confirme tout l'intérêt de son projet solo. Sous les ailes d'Elvin Byrds, la musique de Renaud Ledru caresse en effet de nouveaux sommets en diffusant sa mélancolie sans filet."

Focus Vif (2021)

"Fingerpicking lumineux"

Elvin Byrds is the solo project of Renaud Ledru, the singer/songwriter from the free folk garage duo Alaska Gold Rush. Alone on stage, he delivers old school folk music in which the acoustic guitar and the poetic lyrics evoke travel and stir reflection. Passionate about North American cultural heritage, he develops a unique style of playing and writing inspired by his discoveries.

After his first LP “RIOT” in 2019, Elvin Byrds will release “Togetherness” in october, a new opus, optimistic and luminous, celebrating the strength and warmth of human contacts.



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